CHOAD BLASTER overdrive/distortion/fuzz

CHORD BLASTER overdrive/distortion/fuzz

Same as the Choad Blaster but with a friendlier name.


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A unique circuit configuration with two individually voiced gain controls make the Choad Blaster an extremely versatile and musical pedal for guitar or bass.  An internal trimmer fades between distortion and fuzz sounds.  This pedal will not squash your dynamics.  Your attack comes punching right through as the Choad Blaster adds gritty harmonics.

$145.                             price includes USA shipping

ORANGE WHIP compressor

The Orange Whip is a simple, small box compressor pedal based on the popular Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer circuit.  The 2” x 2” box can squeeze its way onto any pedal board.  Internal trimmers control the bias (mild adjustments to amount of compression) and output volume.  This circuit is known for its subtle and musical compression.

$130.                           price includes USA shipping


The Bluebird is a simple, compact, no-nonsense fuzz pedal.  The 2” x 2” box can squeeze its way onto any pedal board.  An internal trimmer controls the output volume, and a switch provides a bump in presence for darker amps.  Don’t be fooled by the size.  The Bluebird’s sound is huge - thick and warm with singing overtones.

$130.                            price includes USA shipping

GREEN ZAPPER auto filter

The Green Zapper is a compact envelope filter pedal.  The 2” x 2” box can squeeze its way onto any pedal board.  Internal trimmers control the range and sensitivity.  The sound is warm and musical, not harsh like some of the more modern filters on the market.

$130.                            price includes USA shipping

Download the Orange Whip user manual.

Download the Bluebird user manual.

Download the Green Zapper user manual.

MR. WHITE tweak boost

Mr. White is a compact signal boost pedal with some other features for tonal tweaking.  The 2” x 2” box can squeeze its way onto any pedal board.  Internal switches activate an optional EQ section.  Internal trimmers control bass, treble, and volume.  The sound is transparent and responsive.

$130.                              price includes USA shipping

Download the Mr. White user manual.

PINKMAN dirty boost

The Pinkman is an overdrive pedal with plenty of signal boosting power.  The 2” x 2” box can squeeze its way onto any pedal board.  Internal trimmers control drive, tone and volume.  There is also a switch to go between a lower gain (for high output pickups) and higher gain range of the drive control.  The sound is warm and balanced but can be biting if dialed in that way.

$130.                             price includes USA shipping

Download the Pinkman user manual.

CRIMSON tremolo

The Crimson is a volume modulation tremolo effect.  The 2” x 2” box can squeeze its way onto any pedal board.  Internal trimmers control speed and depth.  The sound is smooth and natural. 

$130.                             price includes USA shipping

Download the Crimson user manual.


The Purple Octopus is a quirky analog octave up effect.  The 2” x 2” box can squeeze its way onto any pedal board.  An internal trimmer controls output volume, with plenty of boost on tap.  The sound is classic and wonderful in front of a fuzz.

$130.                            price includes USA shipping


The Emerald Prince is a preamp circuit modeled after the famous Echoplex EP3 preamp.  The 2” x 2” box can squeeze its way onto any pedal board.  An Internal trimmer controls output volume, with just a touch of boost.  An internal bright switch toggles between a bright mode that provides clarity and a unique mid-range character and a dark mode that fattens the sound while maintaining punch and clarity. 

$130.                             price includes USA shipping


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Henretta Engineering LLC

BIG ZAPPER filter sweeper

The Big Zapper is a comprehensive take on our Green Zapper auto filter.  It does everything the Green Zapper does with the Range and Sensitivity controls on the outside.  It also includes a foot switch that toggles between the stock Green Zapper and a longer attack/decay.  The Big Zapper goes beyond just being a tweakable envelope filter, though.  It also includes a Clock Trigger setting for automatic filter sweeps at a wide range of speeds.  There are two independent sets of controls and a foot switch that toggles between them for two dialed-in sounds on-the-fly.


price includes USA shipping

Download the Big Zapper user manual.


Slightly larger than the original no-knobber line, but sporting top-mounted jacks for ultimate space savings, the MOODY BLUE reverb pedal provides a wide range of reverb sounds with three internal trimmers - dry mix, wet mix, and decay time.  You can dial in snappy slapback-esque sounds, amp-like spring reverb sounds, cavernous hall sounds, and all-out ambient bliss.

$175.                             price includes USA shipping


Based on the classic Phase 45 circuit responsible for inspiring many mega hits from the golden years of rock, THE GOLDEN YEARS Phaser is the perfect companion to your already crowded pedal board.  An internal trimmer will allow you to set your favorite speed, and then you can just focus on playing your guitar while having access to chewy phase-shifting goodness with a quick worry-free stomp.


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Introducing the HEISENBERG

It was only a matter of time before PInkman and Mr. White combined their talents to create HEISENBERG. Mr. White's pure and clean power co-mingles with Pinkman's rougher and dirtier boost. They run in parallel to keep their individual qualities while providing a wide range of experiences. You can dial in as much or as little of each as you need, and you can further tweak the Pinkman's effect with dedicated Drive and Tone controls.


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Download the HEISENBERG user manual.

We are now selling the Purple Haze pedal direct!  The Fuzz side is our Bluebird fuzz circuit, and the Octave side is our Purple Octopus octave up circuit.  Put them together for screeching fuzz bliss.  The knobs allow you to adjust the amount of fuzz (photo shows tone, but we’re changing it), the fuzz volume, and the octave blend.  The toggle lets you flip-flop the order in which they feed one another when both are on.  The Henretta Engineering “H” logo will be in place of the Maniac Music Factory logo.


price includes USA shipping

To order custom configurations and mutli effect units, check out the Custom page.


The perfect pedal for that one delay sound you need to set once and never worry about again, the RED BRICK packs a ton of versatility into this compact no-knob box.  Internal trimmers for time, repeats, level, and tone of the delay signal lets you dial in anything from classic slapback to cavernous echo.


price includes USA shipping

Download the Red Brick user manual

The H-BOMB FUZZ combines the wooly sustain and fantastic feel of the Bluebird fuzz with the sticky bite of the Purple Octopus octave up.  The fuzz control adds compressed fuzzy sustain under the more articulate and open sound from the octave circuit.  The volume provides plenty of boost when needed.  This isn’t based on any of the flavor of the year circuits from days of old.  It’s our own creation that plays well with other circuits, embodies qualities of the desirable collectibles, and carries the sound and build quality that makes it worthy of the “H” logo.



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Chorus is the perfect effect for the set-and-forget no-knob platform, and we’re finally getting on board with the new BLACK HOLE chorus pedal.  The BLACK HOLE uses an analog BBD chip to deliver those classic chorus sounds heard on countless records.  Whether you want fast rotating speaker sounds or more subtle shimmery fullness, the BLACK HOLE will deliver!

Size is the same as the Moody Blue reverb -

2-1/2” x 3” x 1-5/8” tall (not including jacks and switch).  External 9VDC power supply only - no room for battery.



price includes USA shipping

Download the Black Hole user manual.

TREMBLETANK Reverb & Tremolo

The first stock Henretta 2in1 pedal, the TREMBLETANK is the ultimate utilitarian companion for your rig.  Get a wide range of reverb sounds, from snappy spring-ish to lush halls, and amp-like bias-based tremolo in one compact pedal.  Use the effects individually or together.  The toggle switch flip-flops the order in which the effects feed one another for added versatility.

Dimensions:  3-5/8” x 4-5/8”

Power:  External 9VDC power supply



price includes USA shipping

Download the TrembleTank User Manual.

Get all of the great sounds we packed into the no-knob Red Brick delay in a full-sized format.  The second in the H-Bomb Series, the H-Bomb Delay, has a tone control that provides a wide range of sounds - dark analog delay sounds, mid focused tape delay sounds, bright digital delay sounds, and thin sounds that are great for high gain playing.



price includes USA shipping

Download the H-Bomb Delay User Manual.

Our Crimson tremolo no-knob pedal is known for it’s musical bias-based volume modulation that emulates the tremolo circuits from our favorite classic amplifiers.  The new H-Bomb Trembrato integrates that circuit with analog pitch modulation for a unique combination of both pitch and volume sweeping with independent speed and depth controls.  Turn the vib depth all the way down for just tremolo, turn the trem depth all the way down for just vibrato, or use both for a wide range of interesting sounds.



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One of our most popular custom 2in1 pedals is the Orange Whip compressor and PInkman dirty boost in one enclosure.  Running the compressor into the drive creates a saturation that’s great for solos but still punchy enough for driving rhythm parts.  With the H-Bomb Drive, we’ve incorporated both circuits for a versatile and musical drive pedal that can go from clean to mean and everywhere between.


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Download the H-Bomb Drive User Manual.

Maintain the integrity of your signal through long cable runs and big boards full of true bypass pedals, and enjoy the enhanced feel and clarity you can get from using a buffer.  Buffer circuitry maintains volume while juicing up the current, providing a super low impedance signal that will get from your guitar to your amp without being loaded down by all of the stuff you may have between.

Dimensions:  2” x 2”

Power:  External 9VDC power supply



  price includes USA shipping

Resetting Orange Whip to factory settings.

The new Valley Reverb pedal is an exclusive design sold through The Guitar Trader in Asheville, NC.  Designed to emulate the haunting echoes heard in the Smoky Mountain valleys, the pedal’s “The Hollar” mode puts the reverb only on the delay repeats for a unique effect that maintains clarity while providing a chorus of echo and reverb underneath your playing.


Sold direct for a limited time.

Father’s Day Sale!!  $235 (normally 279)

price includes USA shipping

1-2 week estimated lead time

The Tone Xciter is an EQ-based tone-sculpting tool inspired by the “ToneX” control on a rare old amp model from the 60’s.  The pedal uses a band-pass filter with controls for peak frequency and intensity.  Its sound is similar to turning on a wah-wah pedal and leaving it in one position.


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TONE XCITER bandpass filter



Download the Tone Xciter User Manual.

Use this handy 2x2 box to switch between two different amplifier rigs, two different effect chains, two different guitars, or whatever else works.


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Passive A/B